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The Gods

The Gods have been gone for many years, well that’s not really true they are still here their priest still cast powerful magic, but most people agree they have not really been paying attention. Kings have risen and kingdoms have fallen all without the help of the Gods.

Magic has once again started working, well that is not true either Wizards have been casting spells, warlocks summing demons and binding them to their will, but it just has not seemed to matter and for the last 500 years they have claimed that now one really cares about us.

6 days ago though things have started to change, the holy flames at the alter of the oracle re-lit.. Well they were never (the servants of the prophet never stopped adding oil to the lamps) out but they are now blue and don’t seem to need any fuel.

For the last 5 days the sun has burned red and the moon blue and everyone claims we are now entering the 5th age (well it depends how you count their was at least one age before the first age that are clearly recorded (and a few more whispered about cloaked in chain) but we will call it the 5th just to make things simple).

The Gods walk among us again, the ancient mages scurry into the light or the dark depending on their preference and giants walk the land again. The world is once again in the hands of the few and their actions will shape the world for the next age.

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